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Brain Wave Analyzer
Brain Wave Analyzer

Without special preparation and knowledge, it is easy for everyone to measure brain waves by using this α waves EEG. It shows brain waves condition on a 6-inch screen as graphs and figures. It is the best for neuro-marketing.

Also, Mental Training (Biofeedback Training) by using feedback sound is available. Especially, it is the best tool that you can buildup α waves which appear under the best condition of our brain.

Easy measurement

Our α waves EEG is designed for everyone to use easily without special process by applying a highly-sensitive sensor band on frontal region of head where no hair is.
About general Brain Wave Analyzer

Sensor band Applying a sensor band

In general, it is said that frontal region of head is not appropriate part to apply due to severe contamination of EEG activity by blinks, eye movements etc noise (artifact). However, our α waves EEG has a function (artifact function) that does not reflect the result of noise. When the noise appears, it stops to transmit the data to the result. Thus, we made it possible to measure brain waves by frontal region of head.

In general, we need to apply a sensor to the top of the head etc to measure brain waves. Hair can be obstacle so that we apply paste on it or shave it to electrify. Under the condition, it makes difficult for researcher to collect brain waves data of healthy people.

Compact size・Light

We realized smaller and lighter EEG which is easy to carry with using ABS plastic for body. 60% of weight savings and 40% of downsizing comparing with FM-515A.

Liquid crystal display on board

It shows the measurement data on the 6-inch crystal display as graphs and figures. (You need an option, “α waves analysis program” for further data analysis.)

Lliquid crystal screen
(Bar graph)
Lliquid crystal screen
(Line graph)
Lliquid crystal screen
(Ascendant brain graph)

Easy to understand the measurement result

Our α waves EEG shows electric voltage of each frequency as user-friendly figures, graphs, and comments by classifying brain waves by frequency in advance.

Here are images that are measured by Brain Waves Analysis Program
Pul-lux Ⅱ

result screen display result screen display
Self-Check screen display Self-Check screen display

With EEG commonly used, brain waves engineer with expertise read brain waves condition from brain wave form.

Biofeedback function

The bio feedback function which is the best for mental training is on board.
? When arbitrary α waves exceed a preset level, you hear a beep to let measurer know the increase and decrease of brain waves.

θ waves, α1 waves, α2 waves, α3 waves, β waves are available to choose.