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Alpha-ta [FM-717]
・Brain Pro [FM-929]
Pul-luxⅡ [BFT-1win]
・Sensor Pro [Sen-Pro]
Brain Wave Analyzing Program
Brain Wave Analyzing Program

The brain wave data from FM-717 is shown on your computer screen in real-time
with graphs and numerical values.
Easy to check the measurement data without special technique.

Functions Specifications System

Easy to check the result.

FM-717 analyzes measurement data with band-path filter for you to check the Brain wave status easier. The data is sent to your computer with 5 points (theta wave 5Hz, slow alpha wave 7.5Hz, mid-alpha wave 10Hz, fast-alpha wave 12.5Hz, beta-wave 22Hz) and their strength(micro-voltage,uV) in every seconds.

result screen display result screen display

measurement result

Self-Check function for to see changes of mind status.
According to measurement result, the software will judge mind status with comments.

Self-Check screen display Self-Check screen display

Basic-3- way measurement graphs

Pul-lux Ⅱ has three basic measurement graphs for you to help your inquire.
3D bar graph
bar graph
line graph

3d bar graph bar graph
line graph

Comparison Functions

Pul-Lux Ⅱ has two ways comparison functions.
1 Two-saved data playback in the same time.
2 One saved data playback daring measurement.

comparison screen display

Aggregate Calculation function

Up to 10 saved measurement data, categorized data(several chosen data's Aggregate Calculation function.
Up to 10 saved measurement data, categorized data(several chosen data's averages) can be calculated and displayed as bar graphs or circle graphs side by side.
Saved data can be opened by Microsoft Excel also.

Aggregate Calculation function (bar graphs) Aggregate Calculation function (circle graphs)